Tigra Girl magnet green
  • Tigra Girl magnet green
  • Tigra Girl magnet green

Tigra Girl magnet green

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Tigra Girl - magnet green - 8 x 5.3 cm


The Antwerp model Angelina Saey, with roots in Latvia, became an icon in the early 1950s. American artist Al Moore, the house illustrator between 1948 and 1951 of Esquire and the publisher of the pin-up calendar, immortalized her as a girl in a tiger suit that adorned a cigarette brand: Tigra. Cigarette manufacturer Van der Elst had chosen her when he wanted to restyle the Tigra brand. Paula Colfs-Bollaert, the girl who was on the Belga cigarette packs, was her friend. Angelina Saey married Jos De Roeck, a diamond dealer with connections in the arms trade, they lived in a villa in Brasschaat, Belgium. One day in 1979, her husband and two sons found her down the stairs in their villa. She was 46 at the time and had a rope around her neck. People initially thought of suicide, her husband did not believe that as they were really happy, he wanted a second autopsy, murder was the only conclusion. The murder was never cleared up. Her husband made the news in 2008 when he was conficted at 79 as the godfather of a criminal drugs organisation.


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